Who of the world’s celebrities owns expensive NFT tokens: a detailed list

Let’s list the most famous celebrities in the crowd of NFTs holders. Who invests in NFT tokens

Who of the world's celebrities owns expensive NFT tokens: a detailed list

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection is one of the rare crypto projects that have gained a very large following even outside of the digital asset industry. Unique BAYC tokens are owned by global celebrities among others, and the collection itself with its three counterparts from the same developer studio has reached a trading volume of $2 billion. Let’s list the most famous celebrities in the crowd of NFTs holders.

To recap, Bored Ape Yacht Club is the most expensive collection of NFT tokens at the moment. Initially tokens were sold at 0.08 ETH, but today the minimum value of the set’s representatives is 107 ETH, which is the equivalent of $366,000. Here is the corresponding ranking from the NFT Price Floor platform.

The project was created by representatives of the company Yuga Labs, which was glowing in the news the day before. The reason for this is the purchase of the famous collection called CryptoPunks, which became known in the middle of the month.

As a result, NFT continues to gain popularity. Stars who buy tokens for personal use are also contributing to this.

Who invests in NFT tokens

1. NFT can even become a new field for some celebrities. For example, YouTube star and rapper KSI quickly became a fan of the unique tokens. He bought his first NFTs back in August 2021, and two days later created an alternative Twitter account @ksicrypto dedicated entirely to NFTs. The investment in Bored Ape Yacht Club paid off: one of the KSI tokens quickly rose in value above $100,000.

2. Another popular rapper who became an NFT owner is the performer Post Malone. Earlier, he changed his Twitter profile photo to a BAYC avatar. Also the performer made a spot in the MoonPay payment processor commercial: in the video he buys a copy of the NFT collection and shares his impressions about it.

3. In addition to KSI and Post Malone, four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal has also joined the crypto crowd. He owns a unique token from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection, an alternative NFT series about “monkeys” from the same developer studio Yuga Labs. Basketballer purchased token #14452 in September for about $14,000. It is currently valued at a minimum of $66,983.

4. Fourth on the list of celebrities compiled by Decrypt journalists is rapper, musician and Linkin Park band member Mike Shinoda. He, too, has tokens from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Bored Ape Yacht Club series. Shinoda also produces his own NFT collection and regularly streams new unique tokens on Twitch.

5. The next top-rated selebrity is Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. In an episode in which the creator of Beeple, the world’s most expensive digital art instance, was invited, Fallon stated that he purchased Bored Ape token #599 for about $224,000. He also shared the event on his Twitter account and promised to “consider” buying a token from the alternative Mutant Ape Yacht Club series.

The aforementioned celebrities are just some of the most famous who own tokens of the popular collection. The list could go on for at least a few more such articles, so we’ll note their ranking briefly with a few lines.

6. Eminem is a rap legend who has owned NFT since December 2021. In addition, there are at least 15 more popular unique tokens on his page under the nickname Shady Holdings on the OpenSea platform;

7. Neymar is a Brazilian soccer player for Paris Saint-Germain. He bought two BAYC tokens at once for over a million dollars;

8. Paris Hilton is a socialite and star of numerous TV shows. She has been in the crypto scene since 2020, which is when she sold her own work in the form of NFT;

9. Justin Bieber – The singer acquired Bored Ape token #3001 in late January for 500 ETH or approximately $1.3 million;

10. Ozzy Osbourne – the rock star bought Bored Ape #9939 for $359,000 a few months ago;

11. Madonna – the singer owns Bored Ape #4988, which she purchased for 180 ETH or about $466,000.

As you can understand from this list, NFT is no longer a passing trend in the crypto industry, but a whole movement, which even people far from Bitcoin are interested in. This kind of hype clearly benefits cryptocurrencies in the long run, as the actions of stars often act as examples for their fans. Accordingly, there will be more NFT holders, and, as always, you need coins to interact with them.

We believe that global celebrities are an important part of the worldwide promotion of NFT. According to the sources, some of them bought tokens as part of advertising agreements, but it does not change the essence. The popularization of non-interchangeable tokens will be a gateway to the cryptocurrency world for many people who still haven’t had time to get involved with digital assets. And it will benefit the industry.

What NFTs do you own?

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