How does an NFT make money?

While NFTs have been gaining popularity as a means of owning and trading unique digital assets, the question of how NFTs make money is a common one.

There are several ways that NFTs can generate revenue:

  1. Sales: One of the most straightforward ways to make money with NFTs is by selling them. This can be accomplished by creating an NFT and listing it for sale on a marketplace, such as OpenSea or Nifty Gateway. The NFT can be sold for a set price or through an auction, where the highest bidder wins the right to own the NFT.
  2. Royalties: Some NFT creators choose to include a royalty component in their NFTs. This means that a percentage of the sales price of the NFT will go to the creator every time the NFT is resold. This provides a recurring revenue stream for the creator and can help to increase the value of the NFT over time.
  3. Licensing: Another way to make money with NFTs is by licensing the use of the digital asset. For example, a digital artist may choose to license their NFTs for use in advertisements or video games. The licensing fee can provide a significant source of revenue for the creator.
  4. Gambling: Some NFT platforms allow users to participate in games or other forms of gambling, where they can use their NFTs as collateral or as a form of currency. These platforms typically take a percentage of the revenue generated through the games, providing a source of income for the platform and its owners.

In conclusion, there are several ways to make money with NFTs, including selling them, collecting royalties, licensing their use, and participating in games and gambling. As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, it’s likely that new and innovative ways of generating revenue will emerge. Regardless of the method, NFTs provide a new and exciting way for creators, collectors, and investors to monetize their digital assets.

Antoine Durand

Written by Antoine Durand

Antoine Durand is a senior editor for eDieta in the NFT section and is based in New York.

Antoine is a creative and inquisitive person. His parents named him after the famous French writer and poet. Not surprisingly, it has become his pen name on the Internet since childhood.

Since Antoine is creative, he is very interested in digital art. He is an artist. And over time, he has retrained as a digital artist.

When the NFTs came along, he was very much attracted to this subject and his interest is still there today.

Antoine is an author in the NFT section.

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