Stories of crazy NFT successes - Never give up!

Stories of crazy NFT successes – Never give up!

Not long ago, the NFT craze was rapidly taking over society, allowing enterprising creators of digital art and popular memes to get rich. Hitherto unknown people turned into millionaires in an instant.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFT-tokens are not interchangeable, each one is unique. Maybe that’s why the sector became popular not only among the cryptocurrency crowd, but also among the creative elite – artists, musicians, filmmakers and even tweet writers willingly joined the game.

But then, things started to fall apart. Traditional exchanges sagged, crypto exchanges sagged. And, of course, NFT began to lose popularity against this backdrop.
And then all the NFT digital artists and various crypto speculators got depressed.

So that you, my dear digital artists and crypto-investors, don’t lose heart and cheer up a bit, we launch a series of articles with NFT successes. So that you remember how it was and believe that the whole NFT haip will return, just as Bitcoin has returned more than once, which has been buried 20 times already.

$1 million in NFT kits at age 14

$1 million in NFT kits at age 14
A 14-year-old girl, guided by her older brother, created a collection of cartoon whales on her iPhone 8. The resulting 8,000 white whale pictures were posted on the NFT marketplace for $0.8 SOL (about $160).

The tokens sold out in just over 10 hours, and the brother and sister made about $1 mln. They donated part of the proceeds, about $200 thousand, to charity, but the resale of the tokens, from which the creators get 5%, has already brought them an additional $72,000. Do good and don’t forget about yourself!

$429,000 at 12 years old on pixel avatars for Minecraft

$429,000 at 12 years old on pixel avatars for Minecraft
A high school student from London was studying programming languages from the age of 5 and recently he heard about blockchain and NFT and it just took off. He saw a great future in this area and created his own collection of 40 pixel avatars for the popular Minecraft game in order to gain experience.

The minimum price of a Minecraft Yee Haa token was 3.69 ETH or about $14,500. The whole collection was sold out in 9 hours after the launch, and the boy made $117,000 just from reselling the NFT to third parties, so his income from such experiment exceeded $500,000. Not a bad increase in pocket money when you’re only 12 years old, right?

Bought for $443, sold for $4.38 million

Bought for $443, sold for $4.38 million
Cryptopunks is one of the first and most popular NFT collections. It includes 10,000 characters, each with a set of characteristics that make it more or less rare – and therefore in demand. Now the average cost of a “cryptopunk” is $180,000, the cheapest can be purchased for $127,000, but the value of individual copies due to their rarity becomes fabulous.

In 2017, when Cryptopunks first appeared, the creators gave away some of them for free; the rest sold out. One of the tokens, bought for $443, brought its owner $4.38 million – more than a million in interest! How’s that for a return?


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