Trivia Quiz: Can You Guess How Much These NFT’s Are Worth?

NFT Trivia Quiz Questions

Recently, NFT have been wildly popular. Now, probably, the peak of their popularity. Moreover, now NFT is represented not only on the popular Ethereum blockchain, but also on many others. Even crypto exchanges have created their own.

The very first popular NFT project was CryptoKitties. But that was 4 years ago and then they clogged the entire Ethereum blockchain channel.
Now the NFT has received a new round. NTFs are being sold for big money. A huge number of marketplaces.

If you still do not know what NFT is, then in the near future we will prepare an article.
In the meantime, with the help of this NFT trivia quiz, you can try to guess for what staggering amount the presented NFT were sold.


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