NFT Trivia Quiz: How many NFT questions will you answer?

NFT Trivia Quiz

Are you part of the NFT Metaverse? Interested in non-fungible tokens? Already bought or created your first NFT? Or are you just taking your first steps in digital art?

It doesn’t matter how deeply you are into the subject of NFT. Because this NFT trivia quiz will help you either learn something new or make sure you are well versed in the subject.

Get started with the NFT Trivia Quiz questions, choose the correct answers and enjoy.

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    Which blockchain hosts the most NFTs?

    • Bitcoin
    • Dogcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Polygon
    • WAX
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    What is the largest NFT marketplace by trading volume?

    • Opensea
    • KnownOrigin
    • Binance NFT
    • AtomicHub
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    What blockchain has created the Opensea marketplace for its needs?

    • Polygon
    • Opensea Smart Chain
    • WAX
    • They do not have their own blockchain
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    Does the Binance NFT Marketplace have its own blockchain?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Are gas fees charged for NFT creation and transactions through the Polygon blockchain?

    • No
    • Yes
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    Which of the following is correct?

    • All cryptocurrency is non-fungible
    • 100 dollar bill is fungible
    • A flat is fungible
    • NFTs are the only non-fungible asset
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    Which of the following can be sold as an NFT?

    • All of the above
    • Painting by Picasso
    • Video of LeBron James throwing the ball
    • Island in the ocean
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    Which factor are most likely to influence the price of an NFT?

    • All of the above
    • Who created or previously owned the NFT
    • How many editions of the NFT exist
    • Confirmed authorship of the collection
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A digital artist who releases his artwork under a pseudonym that is not disclosed on this site. Since childhood is fond of drawing and sculpture. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. Passionate about both the creation of art and its history.
Has not passed him by and modern technology. He makes his works on the computer using a tablet. Master of Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds Max and other less common specialized programs for designers and artists.
Got interested in NFT back in 2020, even before its popularity peaked. Believes NFT is a great technology that allows little-known artists to show their work to the world.

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