Smash Bros champion's Twitter account was hacked by crooks selling NFTs

Smash Bros champion’s Twitter account was hacked by crooks selling NFTs

He has 217 thousand followers in social network Twitter

Twitter account of e-sportsman Leonardo Lopez Perez, a.k.a. MkLeo, was hacked by swindlers who offer fictitious deals with NFT items, Kotaku reported on March 28.

The perpetrators changed the image on MkLeo’s profile and also wrote the cryptic phrase, “a big announcement is coming…” After that they started to publish various NFT-images accompanied by links. Clicking on the link took the user to the site where they were trying to convince the user to mint (the process of creating an NFT token in which a certain amount of cryptocurrency must be paid) NFT objects supposedly for a real Possessed NFT project. However, this offer was a trick through which fraudsters could get the funds of gullible users.

At the moment, the cyber-sportsman’s access to his account has been restored and the fraudulent publications have been deleted. Leonardo Lopez is considered one of the best Super Smash Bros players in the world. He has 217 thousand followers in the social network Twitter.


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