Ray Dalio:

Ray Dalio: “I’m very interested in NFTs”

Billionaire and founder of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio once again expressed his positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies and said that he is interested in the field of collection tokens (NFT).

During a podcast with Lex Fridman, the cryptocurrency enthusiast called Bitcoin “an alternative money” and stressed that fiat money will come under pressure in the near future. Competition between means of payment will continue to grow, with bitcoin also threatened by competing assets.

In his opinion, collectible tokens will also contribute. In 2021, NFTs gained immense popularity and, although the billionaire has not yet invested in them, this area is extremely interesting to him.

At the same time, Dalio prefers gold as an asset for storing wealth, since the valuable metal was recognized as a store of value thousands of years ago. There is another advantage of gold over bitcoin – transactions in the blockchain of the first cryptocurrency are available for everyone to view, but tracking the purchase and movement of gold is much more difficult.

Also, the founder of Bridgewater Associates said that he does not represent Bitcoin at $1 million, because then the capitalization of the first cryptocurrency will be about $20 trillion, which is twice as much as that of gold. He simply cannot imagine such a situation.

Earlier, Dalio said that investing in cryptocurrencies is worth any investor. According to him, digital assets are an excellent tool for portfolio diversification.


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