NFTs May Be Used Beyond Speculations - NFTs Charity Fund Launched

NFTs May Be Used Beyond Speculations – NFTs Charity Fund Launched

OpenSea marketplace hosts an account with a collection of NFTs being distributed exclusively for targeted assistance to children with special needs. And the first child under care of the NFTs Charity Fund is Ilya Butorin. The boy suffers from infantile cerebral palsy.

NFT tokens have been trending for over a year now. Experts claim that up to 95% of NFTs are bought for the purpose of resale at a higher price (speculation). In fact, now it is a tool for profiting.

Creators of NFT collections quite often donate some of the profit money for charity. At least that’s what most people say. But is it true? Nobody checked. Given how much scam is now in the cryptocurrency market this fact is hard to believe. However, this does not diminish the achievements of those who fundraises for real.

A crypto enthusiast who wants to stay anonymous created an account and collection at the most popular NFTs marketplace OpenSea for fundraising for disabled children. And the first raised money will go for Ilya Butorin.

About Ilya Butorin

Ilya Butorin was born prematurely weighing 3.86 pounds and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy almost in the first months of life. He went through many procedures, rehabilitations, but his last chance to start walking and stop experiencing daily pain is SDR surgery (selective dorsal rhizotomy – a neurosurgical operation to remove spasticity from the muscles of the legs) performed by Dr. Park in St. Louis, USA. Dr. Park is a recognized expert in this type of surgery. After studying the clinical record, tests and images, Dr. Park made a positive decision about the possibility and feasibility of this surgery.

Less than 13 days are left until the deadline for the treatment payment, and about $22,000 remains to be raised. And any help including social media repost or donations of $2, $5, $10 or more can help.

Links to help Ilya:

Official Instagram (russian)
OpenSea 2$
OpenSea 5$
OpenSea 10$
– PayPal : [email protected]

About NFTs Charity Fund

The foundation is launched by crypto enthusiast to help disabled children with NFTs privately. At the time of drafting this post no NFTs have been bought yet. This is due to fears that it may turn out to be another scam. And that is understood.

Fundraising will be followed up by photo reports or screenshots of bank transactions published in a separate collection.

Links to NFTs Charity Fund:

OpenSea (Polygon blockchain)
Rarible (Rari blockchain)


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