Many users are willing to quit their jobs to play NFT games instead

Many users are willing to quit their jobs to play NFT games instead

At least a third of respondents are willing to play blockchain games as a “job”

According to a new survey by NFT gaming platform Balthazar, 32% of blockchain gamers view gaming as a potential full-time job.

A total of 1,103 respondents took part in the survey. Some of them already play NFT games, while others are not yet familiar with the phenomenon. As a result, one in three respondents said they would quit their job or consider quitting if they could play blockchain games full-time. Another 59% said they would play full-time, combining the process with work.

More than two-thirds (65%) of respondents said they would need to earn, on average, at least $42 to definitely quit their jobs and be able to play NFT games full-time. Meanwhile, more than half (55%) said they would need to earn $1 to $20 a day (it’s worth noting here that a significant portion of those surveyed are from the Philippines) to already be thinking about such an opportunity.

Balthazar gaming platform executive director John Stefanidis, after reading the results of the survey, summarized:

“I’m not surprised by these findings, because our community, like us, is incredibly excited about the future of NFT gaming and the potential earning opportunities offered through Balthazar. They [users] love play-and-earn games, and many are willing to quit their day jobs to play NFT games instead, because they could potentially earn just as much, if not more, with it”.

Balthazar’s study of the NFT platform shows once again that people in general don’t mind playing all day in the virtual space, earning crypto-assets and thus “earning” their lives “offline”.


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