KIA launches an advertising campaign based on NFT

KIA launches NFT-based campaign in U.S.

KIA launches an advertising campaign based on NFT

According to a press-release, automaker KIA has launched a Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) advertising campaign in the United States. The ad campaign was designed with creative agency David & Goliath.

According to the management of the concern, with the help of NFT they will be able to attract more attention of customers to the new model of the car Kia Soul 2023.

What exactly is included in the advertising campaign of Kia

The advertising campaign includes a 30-second commercial with three NFTs as the main characters. They embark on a journey aboard the Kia Soul and drive around the city.

In turn, viewers will be able to get one of the items in this collection by scanning the QR code indicated in the 30-second commercial. Collections of digital assets will be supported by the Sweet NFT platform. Each NFT, created with high quality and in computer 3D format, will have its own unique feature.

According to Russell Weiger, vice president of market for KIA America, by using NFTs in an advertising campaign to promote a new car model, KIA will show that it is always on track to innovate in the marketplace.

According to the information provided, the NFT collection will include 10,000 items with KIA. All of them will be related to the Kia Soul 2023 model car.

Recall that earlier this year, KIA launched the NFT “Robo-Dog” collection in partnership with Sweet. Proceeds from the collection went to The Petfinder Foundation, an organization that helps animals.

Who will support KIA’s NFT collection

Appropriate support to promote the NFT collection, will be provided by the renowned Sweet platform. It has already conducted several projects with major companies on international markets. The platform is now working with McLaren Racing, Old Navy and legendary musician Elton John. Ben Purcell.

Thus, Kia, like other major concerns, wants to draw attention to itself with NFT. Even though the NFT market is in some decline right now, there are reports showing that it could grow over the next 8 years. Its capitalization is expected to grow many times over. Accordingly, companies, being guided by such reports, are already trying to involve NFT in their promotional actions, promoting their brands.

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