Hacker hacked Korean artist NFT’s Twitter account and stole $150,000

Korean NFT artist DeeKay Kwon’s Twitter account was hacked and used for a phishing attack. As a result, over $150,000 worth of NFT was stolen from his followers.
The hacker posted a malicious link to a phishing website on behalf of DeeKay Kwon, asking users to approve a transaction supposedly to gain access to an exclusive collection token (NFT) giveaway.

“The LetsWalk collection giveaway is now available! Only 1,000 lucky people can qualify! Good luck!” the hacker wrote.

After victims approved the transaction, the hacker emptied their wallets, stealing about $150,000 worth of NFTs. About five hours after the attack began, DeeKay Kwon was able to resume control of his account, removed the link to the phishing site and apologized for the unfortunate event.

During that time, according to the Zerion columnist, the attacker managed to sell about $90,000 worth of NFTs and transfer the ETH tokens to another wallet. Some of the stolen NFTs worth approximately $52,000 remained in the wallet used by the hacker in the attack.

Earlier this week, the Uniswap v3 protocol encountered a phishing attack. The hacker was able to steal $4.7 million worth of ETH as a result of stealing the identity of cryptocurrency wallet users.


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