Prom revealed details of the NFT platform: rent without collateral, mortgages and analytics

Recently we wrote that Prometeus Labs is renaming itself Prom and preparing its own NFT-marketplace for metaverses. However, it won’t just be a marketplace for buying/selling art tokens. The company has shared the details of the new project.

So, Prom is a one-stop shop for NFT and metaverses. There will be the following sections:

  • NFT exchange and aggregator;
  • NFT land and character rental without collateral;
  • NFT mortgage;
  • educational portal for beginners;
  • analytics tools;
  • NFT lunchpad;
  • DEX for GameFi assets.

Through a single Prom interface, owners can manage their NFTs in different games. There will be no need to log in to different sites and enter the wallet address every time.

As for renting NFTs, Prom will become an intermediary between the owner and the tenant. The site will automatically transfer the rental fee to save the owner from risk. And whoever rents will not have to carry a deposit.

In the “Mortgage” section, the service will offer options with monthly equal payments. And one will be able to use the virtual land and real estate from the first payment.

The Prom.Education section will offer tips and strategies from the most successful players. There will also be analytical tools to track the profitability of projects.


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