Ducati plans to launch NFT collection

World famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati announced the release of its first NFT collection with the support of NFT PRO and Ripple. This will be the first such initiative from the motorcycle concern. As stated by official representatives of the corporation: this step is aimed at expanding the target audience, increasing brand awareness and close ties with the community. With this decision, Ducati has de jure announced its entry into the global Web 3.0 space.

It is planned that the NFT PRO team will be responsible for the creation of the collection itself. In turn, Ripple will focus on blockchain technology, which will be the basis for the future development of digital products of Ducati.

Many experts have noted that the Ripple project is gaining popularity as a platform for the development of NFT tokens. For example, last month, Lotus Cars Corporation announced the creation of its non-fungible tokens based on Ripple resources. Also last weekend, CrossTower Corporation officially announced support for XRP Ledger in its NFT marketplace.

Until recently, Ethereum, Cardano and Solana were the most popular platforms for creating NFTs. But it looks like Ripple is steadily breaking into the leaders of this segment. It is noteworthy that the firm’s executives are well aware of this and, therefore, spare no expense to promote their infrastructure.


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