Reddit introduced paid NFT avatars on Polygon

Back in January, Reddit started experimenting with NFT features. Then the platform released a collection of free “CryptoSnoos” avatars on Ethereum. Now they are preparing a new collection of paid avatars.

The project is called CollectibleAvatars. It is already running in a test version on the Reddit marketplace. The price range varies from $10 to $100.

Independent artists worked on the collection, and Reddit in turn will pay them a fee for each copy sold. Authors will also receive secondary royalties for NFT sales on third-party marketplaces.

Users who install CollectibleAvatars on their Reddit profile will be able to mix and match accessories with other gear and avatar accessories from the Reddit builder. And its image will glow in the comments (something similar is promised by Instagram).

CollectibleAvatars are released on the Polygon blockchain. They can be transferred to your wallet and then sold on third-party platforms.

Users do not need to have cryptocurrency to buy. NFT can be bought for fiat at a fixed price (rather than through an auction).

By the way, NFT avatars also appeared in the Tencent music app the other day. But because it is a Chinese blockchain, these tokens cannot be resold or somehow monetized.


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