UAE opens hospital in the metaverse with real medical services

UAE opens hospital in the metaverse with real medical services

Thumbay Group is launching a digital equivalent of its hospital in the metaverse. It is a full-fledged medical institution with the services of doctors in the format of consultations.

MetaHealth virtual clinic will accept avatars from all over the world. In this way, the company expects to attract more foreign clients.

According to plans, MetaHealth should open in October. Now doctors are taking a training course on how to treat patients in the metaverses. The company has not yet developed tariffs for this service. Most likely, the fee will be about the same as a telemedicine consultation.

Thumbay Group will also introduce VR technology for patients who receive long-term care in the company’s actual wards. Through the glasses, they will be connected to home, chatting with friends or walking around their hometown. This has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional mood of patients and speeds up recovery.

The UAE is actively developing digital services. In March, they began issuing licenses to cryptocurrency companies, and the Binance and Bybit exchanges have already received them.


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