Catalonia creates its own metaverse with a unique ethno-culture

Catalonia creates its own metaverse with a unique ethno-culture

Barcelona has become one of the cities that is actively innovating with metaverses. They have a special project called SmartCatalonia for this purpose. And the general director for innovation Daniel Marco is responsible for the program. The authorities talked about their project at the European Blockchain Convention 2022 summit.

Cataverse: a digital Catalonia

Spaniards first thought about digitizing businesses in 2014. But the pandemic accelerated the process, as people were looking to learn, work and have fun in the lockdown.

For Catalonia, blockchain and metaverses are an opportunity to create a fully digital economy, but also to add a national flavor to it.

This is how Innovation Minister Daniel Marco describes the project:

“In the Cataverse, the Catalan language will act and Catalan culture will flourish. That’s how we see such a metaverse. Catalonia has given a rich cultural tradition in the real world. It will be able to do the same in the metaverse.”

The concept is interesting, and we think many countries will also want to build metaverse with a national twist

The Minister of Innovation also spoke about the authorities’ plans to digitize Barcelona. They will transfer tourist programs, introduce educational projects and entertainment events into the virtual world.


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