Doodles and Goblintown attracted most of the attention at NFT NYC

Doodles and Goblintown attracted most of the attention at NFT NYC

NFT NYC was the focus of the NFT community June 20-23. A huge number of venues hosted shows: Radio City Music Hall, New York Marriott Marquis, Palladium Times Square,
The Edison Ballroom, The Edison Rooftop, The Town Hall and Margaritaville Resort Times Square…

Though many skeptics have already predicted the end of the NFT era, the event was well attended by offline attendees. And there were plenty of people following it online.

People showed off their CryptoPunks, Apes, Gutter Cats, and Cool Cats… They were downloading them, buying them, selling them. Chatting and exchanging contacts.

But it was the shows of two NFT collections on the Etherium blockchain, Doodles And Goblintown, that attracted the most attention.

Held at the Palladium Theatre in Times Square, the Doodles party was well attended. Later, Doodles CEO Julian Holguin held a presentation, but it was no longer as impressive, but educational for those who treat NFT as a business.

Later in Terminal 5, Goblintown hosted his party in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

In spite of bear market, fall of the whole crypto-industry in general, the largest NFT-projects are in great demand now and crypto-enthusiasts don’t lose faith in the future of NFT.


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