Barbie Dolls Will Become the Avatar of the Metaverse

Barbie Dolls Will Become the Avatar of the Metaverse

Mattel brand became a partner of NFT-marketplace Cryptoys. This means that now the top toys Barbie, Hot Wheels, Monster High and Mega will get a digital life.

Play in a metaverse

Cryptoys is offering a new concept for kids – playing dolls not live, but through an avatar. To do this, you will first need to purchase an NFT of the doll itself.

Just like in real life, the toy will be able to be dressed up and pampered with accessories. To do this, the company will release additional NFT of glasses, jewelry, hats, clothing, etc.

The press release indicates that over time, partners Mattel and Cryptoys will build a “vast and playable” metaverse.

Cryptoys will “drop” the first characters as early as the summer, after which they will release a full NFT collection.

Who are the Cryptoys

The Cryptoys platform is owned by OnChain Studios and runs on the Flow blockchain. Venture capital funds Andreessen Horowitz and CoinFund, as well as the well-known game company Dapper Labs became investors in the project.


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