Most people only buy NFTs for profit

Most people only buy NFTs for profit

NFT skeptics often joke: What’s the point of investing in something that everyone can download for free from the Internet? But blockchain technology makes NFT a full-fledged commodity from which to make a profit.

A DEXterlab survey of 1,318 NFT owners confirms this.

  • 64.3% of those who responded said that the main reason they purchased NFTs was to make money.
  • In second place is the desire to participate in the community (14.7%).
  • Another reason to buy NFTs is to collect digital art. This was cited by 12.4% of survey participants.
  • 8.6% responded that they only buy NFTs for participating in P2E projects.

Almost half of the respondents are not willing to invest large sums in art tokens. Their budget is limited to $50-500. And every fourth is ready to pay more than $2000 for NFT.

Will the investment pay off?

Investments in NFT do not always pay off – anyone who is more or less familiar with this market knows this. In surveys, the majority of owners (58.3%), said that their art-tokens have not yet brought profits. For 41.7% of respondents, all is well with payback.

Interest and demand for NFT depend on various factors: their characteristics, rarity, the general situation on the crypto market, the ability to work with the marketplace, etc.


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