Nft-Society Fooled Scammers And Bought Back Stolen Tokens For Nothing

Nft-Society Fooled Scammers And Bought Back Stolen Tokens For Nothing

The scammers received only 2% of their asking resale price. Stolen items returned to owners

The World of Solana (WOS) crypto community has tracked down and recovered some of the stolen NFTs for resale, redeeming them for 2% of the value embezzled by the attackers.

WOS is a collection of NFTs on the Solana blockchain consisting of 2,222 unique tokens depicting various characters.

Unchained NFT Studio’s official Discord social networking page was hacked, giving hackers access to 109 wallets. The biggest loss was made by a user who lost 25 NFTs from the WOS collection.

He and other community members asked the developer, Cyber Frogs, to set a royalty of 98% of the stolen tokens. The company complied, and NFT enthusiasts began to see new lots posted on the MagicEden marketplace, which sells items from the collection.

Two days later, the attacker put up all 25 NFTs for sale on the platform. Solana World members were able to buy 15 items from him, while the remaining 10 were bought by another user.

This buyer later received a message that he had purchased the stolen items and would not be able to sell them. He got his money back and agreed to help him get the NFTs back.

On May 22, the Beeple account hack brought the attacker $438,000 in NFT, and in early May actor Seth Green lost $300,000 worth of NFT by following a link to a phishing site.


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