BAYC’s Metaverse Otherside presentation took place – 4,500 players came to the test

BAYC's Metaverse Otherside presentation took place - 4,500 players came to the test

Developer Yuga Labs presented a demo version of the Otherside metaverse. Only Otherdeed token holders could take part in the test, which gathered about 4.5 thousand people.

At the initial stage, users got access to Voyager’s Journey. This is an 11 chapter story campaign about the appearance of a mysterious obelisk in the Otherside game universe.

Users could test the avatar’s movement, interact with the open world, buy, sell and craft items. Later, the list of available locations plan to significantly expand.

It is noteworthy that all voyagers, that is, the owners of virtual land on the platform, have access to the Development Kit. It allows you to make changes to the gameplay, as well as filling locations.

Later, the developer published a roadmap for the project. It follows that the platform will be implemented in three phases. At the same time, even for the second phase, the date has not yet been set.

Note that since its launch in May, the sales volume of the NFT-collection Otherdeed has exceeded one billion dollars. It ranks seventh in the ranking of the most popular tokens in history.

Antoine Durand

Written by Antoine Durand

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