Audius Web3 streaming platform hacked – Hacker steals $1.08 million

Audius Web3 streaming platform hacked - Hacker steals $1.08 million

An unknown hacker hacked the Web3 platform Audius. He made an offer to transfer 18 million native tokens to a dummy wallet and then self-approved it through an exploit.

According to Etherscan, the hacker withdrew the loot around 7 p.m. EST. Apparently he found a way to make himself the sole holder of the contract when he accepted the offer.

The Audius administration also confirms this in a comment to Cointelegraph:

“It was an exploit. He used the management system as a starting point for the attack. It was not a voluntary vote.”

The attacker took out about 18 million AUDIO native tokens. At the time of the theft, their market value exceeded $6 million. However, the hacker was only able to sell the loot for 1.08 million. So far, these funds are on the hacker’s account.

The administration of the platform noted that it has already eliminated the exploit. Later, it promises to provide the community with a detailed report on the incident.

The question of the return of funds remains open. On the social network, the Audius team left unanswered requests from numerous community members.

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