Three heads of JP Morgan are leaving for the crypto-business

Three heads of JP Morgan are leaving for the crypto-business

Companies that are not in a hurry to explore the market of digital currencies, risk losing their best staff. JP Morgan, a bank holding company, was convinced of that. Three executives at the legendary financial institution have announced their resignations and plans to pursue careers in Web3, according to Decrypt.

Puja Samuel was head of digital innovation at JP Morgan. The other day on LinkedIn, he shared the news of a change in business. Samuel announced that he had accepted a position as head of corporate operations at Digital Currency Group, a venture capital firm specializing in digital currencies. He said he was excited to help build strategic partnerships and work with the new team to develop the financial system. Interestingly, Samuel previously worked at large multinational companies New York Life Ventures (insurance) and Citi Ventures (investments).

Eric Ragge has resigned as managing director at JP Morgan and will now work for the Algorand Foundation. The nonprofit plays an important role in the community, research and governance of blockchain. Ragge will head the company’s investment committee. He will be responsible for integrated collaboration and global initiatives.

“As an employee of a leading global investment bank, I understand the uncompromising performance requirements of tier-one blockchain, which must compete with and improve many aspects of traditional finance,” Ragge said in a release yesterday.

Samir Shah is best known for building a brilliant career as global head of digital solutions at JP Morgan. In total, he has devoted about 12 years to the job. He called his experience “fantastic,” and his parting with the team “bittersweet.” On LinkedIn, he announced that he was joining the cryptocurrency hedge fund Pantera Capital, starting a new professional chapter and planning to take the company to “new heights. Shah took over as chief operating officer.


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