Millennial from New York sells his $2 million apartment for Bitcoins:

Millennial from New York sells his $2 million apartment for Bitcoins: “I believe in cryptocurrency”

Ronen Segev’s $1.8 million two-bedroom luxury apartment in Columbus Circle, 340 West 57th Street, New York is up for sale for Bitcoins or Ethereum.

“I know the market’s crashing, but I believe in cryptocurrency,” said Ronen Segev.

And this is during a bear market in cryptocurrency, at the lowest prices for cryptocurrency in several years. Ronen Segev definitely believes in cryptocurrency growth.

Ronen Segev has been investing in cryptocurrency for a long time. Right now, the value of his crypto assets has sagged by about a million dollars after investing in 2020 in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Corp. And in this way, he wants to average out the decline in cryptocurrencies and even earn twice as much.

“The losses there are almost a million dollars,” he said. “So now my goal is to double down on that loss.”

And he’s not just a dreamer. He already has experience of successful investments in cryptocurrency. So in 2019, Ronen sold an expensive piano for Bitcoins and Ethereum. Bought more bitcoins and ethereum for cash. In total, he got $1 million worth of cryptocurrency. During the pandemic, the cryptocurrency rate went up a lot and he sold it for $2 million. With this money he bought an apartment in the center of Paris, the value of which is currently estimated at $ 3 million.
Using institutional and progressive investing methods, Ronen Segev turned $1 million into $3 million in a couple of years.

We can only hope that the rate of Bitcoin and Ethereum will grow several times and the idea of selling an apartment for cryptocurrency will be successful.


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