integrated with Apple Pay integrated with Apple Pay

We know that Apple has no direct support for cryptopayments. But has a solution that “connects” the site and application of the exchange to Apple Pay service. So far it has only been launched in the U.S., but in the coming months all exchange customers will be able to use the service.

How it works

  1. To use Apple Pay, you must first connect your bank card in Apple Wallet on your iPhone.
  2. Then go to the С app in the “Trading” section.
  3. Select the cryptocurrency purchase option and the asset you want.
  4. Next, click on the Cash option and find the Apple Pay option.
  5. Decide on the amount and confirm the purchase.
  6. The commission here is 2.99%.
  7. You can confirm the transaction with a password, Face ID, or Touch ID.

In general, the algorithm is simple, and if you have bought crypto at least once on the exchange via the card, you will easily understand it. has over 200 million users from different countries. Integration with Apple Pay will potentially be useful for retailers who want to attract crypto-fans or simply sell digital content for digital money. By the way, the exchange recently started working with Shopify sellers.

What other news from

Yesterday, updated its Crypto Earn platform.

Among the important innovations are the closure of DOGE and SHIB accounts, as well as a cut in Stablecoin yields.


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