Libertarian Party USA: Bitcoin is a decentralized monetary revolution

U.S. politicians are increasingly expressing their support for cryptocurrencies, mainly bitcoin (BTC). The country’s third-largest political party has expressed approval of the leading cryptocurrency, as well as optimism about its strength and future.

In a July 24 tweet, the Libertarian Party of the United States stated that bitcoin is leading a “decentralized monetary revolution” and that this revolution has the potential to shake up traditional financial systems.

#Bitcoin is at the forefront of a decentralized monetary revolution that can nullify the Federal Reserve and the fiat system in general.

Earlier in February 2020, the Libertarian Party called bitcoin “the greatest tool for the expression of human rights and freedoms ever created by mankind.”

The author of the post from the party’s California chapter, Marvin Byrd, who worked in cybersecurity in 2010, listed the factors that gave the first cryptocurrency its fundamental value:

Bitcoin has no owner, no central authority and requires no trusted third party. They simply DO NOT exist.

The party also accepts cryptocurrency donations through BitPay, allowing users to make payments in bitcoin and other common cryptocurrencies.

Republican Party members actively support cryptocurrency, including Wyoming Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis, who drafted a bill to integrate digital assets into the American financial system and called bitcoin “the hardest currency ever created”.

Will Sparrow

Written by Will Sparrow

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