Phone mining in 2022: How to mine on iPhone and Android, how much can you earn?

Phone mining in 2022: How to mine on iPhone and Android, how much can you earn?

Mining is the extraction of digital coins. Miners are involved in verifying and validating transactions, and adding them to the block. Special mining equipment or video cards are used for complex calculations. The hardware requires a serious financial investment, but everyone has a smartphone. Modern gadgets are quite progressive, in fact, they are scaled-down analogs of computers. Crypto-mining with the help of the phone attracts accessibility, minimal initial investment.

Is it possible to mine crypto from a smartphone? Does it make sense to do it in 2022? You will learn the answers to these questions in this article.

Is it possible to mine on a phone?

Mining cryptocurrencies with a smartphone involves the use of special software and the power of the gadget. The popularity of digital coins has led to the production of various applications adapted to smart devices. As of 2022, there are more than 200 apps developed for mobile mining.

Most of the apps do not produce the desired results. The programs are focused on collecting user data, selling paid services or advertising. Some programs are even viruses. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find functional options.

The traditional way to develop crypto involves creating a mining farm. Using just one device, whether it is an expensive professional Asic unit or a powerful video card, is not reasonable in 2022. The main goal of a miner is to generate income. It takes money to buy and assemble the equipment. The payback period depends on the power of the equipment. The more mining devices or video cards, the faster the return on investment, and the crypto will start to make the long-awaited profit.

There is no point in talking about a profitable mining farm with a smartphone. Such an option can be considered as a hobby, at best a small passive income. Despite the economic inefficiency, mining digital coins from the phone is still possible.

The benefits of mining with your smartphone:

  • affordability;
  • minimum investment;
  • simple interface and small amount of applications;
  • No need to buy blocks, processors, adapters and other auxiliary devices.

Despite the attractive advantages of the mobile “farm”, the disadvantages are much more. When wishing to engage in promising, but rather problematic crypto-mining on a smartphone, it is important to consider all the peculiarities.

The disadvantages of mining with a phone include the following:

  • low processing power, which causes low profitability;
  • the slow generation of blocks due to the mobile gadgets’ hardware;
  • the complexity of the mining process due to the high competition;
  • the need to buy software;
  • the possibility of installing virus programs and getting into fraudulent schemes;
  • the battery drains quickly;
  • the phone overheats due to intensive work;
  • gadgets hang up regularly, require rebooting, which leads to stopping the generation process;
  • the inability to use the phone for calls, correspondence when the mining program is running;
  • fast wear and tear of the mobile device.

An enterprising cryptan might come up with the idea of starting a farm with several smartphones as an alternative to video cards or processing units. Phones are cheaper, more accessible, with clear controls. Unfortunately, the profitability will not increase. Buying multiple crypto-mining-capable smartphones will take a long time to pay off. It probably makes more sense to buy a video card.

At the same time, one cannot categorically deny the possibility of making money. If the user does not intend to build a solid crypto-business, it is possible to use the phone for mining. When the mobile device is not used for its intended purpose, the “downtime” can be put to good use.

What is the principle of mining with a phone?

The principle of mining on the phone does not differ from mining cryptocurrency using a computer. The main significant difference is the power of the technique, on which the efficiency depends. The cryptor will need to download, install and configure the application.

In addition to regular user smartphones, there are phones specifically for mining cryptocurrency from HTC. Initially, the devices were developed as crypto-purses, but later came out the software for mining Monero coins. Still, cryptans more often use ordinary user gadgets.

Is it possible to earn something?

Mining on the phone is not a highly profitable activity. The number of altcoins earned is directly proportional to the processing power of the gadget. Mining digital coins on a smartphone is more suitable for the development of skills, entertainment, familiarization with the mining industry. The real income per month often ranges between 5-10 USD. Many programs under the guise of mining are actually games, and there is no real withdrawal of the received funds.

Features of mining on Android and iPhone smartphones

Software companies Google and Apple banned mining on their devices in 2018. The decision was due to the overloading of gadgets, which led to their frequent failure. Viral programs were often installed on smartphones, which did not contribute to the image of developers.

Instead of the standard one, cloud mining is allowed. For operating systems Android, iPhone there are applications in PlayMarket and AppStore. Cloud mining takes place on leased capacity, so devices are not overloaded as much. To mine coins efficiently and safely, it’s important to install the right software for the system.

Disclaimer: This is an informational article. The installation of mining software is done, solely at your own risk. DYOR!

Top apps for mining on iPhone and Android

How to mine on Android?

To mine coins on Android, you will need an app. On the PlayMarket service you can find a variety of programs on the subject of cryptocurrency. Most of the applications are ineffective, others are aimed at fraud (so-called “scam”). Google reacts very negatively to the mining software, so users’ applications are quickly banned. Mobile cryptans have to look for software on other sites.

Popular apps for mining on Android:

  • BTC Miner. Available for download in PlayMarket cloud mining program with a good rating. The software allows you to participate in cloud Bitcoin mining, use a cryptocurrency wallet, receive bonuses through referral links. There is access to technical support.
  • Miner Gate. A program to remotely control the mining process. Before the blocking by Google, the application allowed to mine in a pool. Now available functions to control workers, check balance, receive notifications, chat.
  • AndroMine. Lightcoin mining software made for Android. The provision involves the power of the processor of the gadget. The program must be running while mining. The process stops in the background mode.
  • ARM Miner. One of the first applications with average speed, which allows you to receive a minimum income. The program has an intuitive interface, works with different coins, has micro settings. Of the disadvantages, it can be noted spamming with ads.
  • NeoNeonMiner. A program for mining in a pool on different algorithms. Coins are shared by all participants. The principle of work is similar to the mining equipment. When downloading, you need to be careful not to get a virus.

Mining on iPhone

The AppStore is distinguished by strict application selection criteria, so any attempts by developers to download software mentioning mining are immediately suppressed. There is only one application for the iPhone called Mobile Miner. The application allows you to develop Bitcoin, Ether, Lightcoin.

Algorithm of action:

  • Download Xcode from AppStore;
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac device, set up synchronization;
  • Download the App Signer and Mobile Miner;
  • Enter the project into Xcode;
  • In App Signer add Mobile Miner;
  • add the iPhone to the used devices through Xcode;
  • in the account, allow the use of the iPhone.

Crypto mining refers directly to generating a block, but the phone allows you to get a small amount of digital coins by other means. Schemes are not always clean and reliable, but this kind of moonlighting is gaining popularity.

Safety rules for mining on the phone

Mining programs can be dangerous for the operation of the gadget and the user’s privacy. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent schemes on the Internet. It is impossible to be completely safe when it comes to mobile mining.

To understand if the app is a threat, pay attention to the following factors:

  • access to personal data, bank cards is required;
  • There are no reviews about the app;
  • No technical support.

Before installing any software, it is advisable to read user reviews on the Internet, talk to real people in cryptocurrency chat rooms. An opinion from publicly available sources does not guarantee complete safety, but at least it will keep from obvious fraudulent schemes.

After installing a suspicious application, pay attention to the performance of your smartphone. If the device has become slower to perform typical tasks, hangs frequently, gets warm, perhaps its power is being used by hackers. In fact, it is not a person who controls the device, but a virus that was installed along with the application.

Pseudomining schemes

Under the guise of mining applications, the following are encountered:

  1. Farming and Stacking. The user downloads the app, connects a cryptocurrency wallet. To make a profit, one needs to buy a certain amount of currency (depends on the app). Altcoins seem to arrive, the earnings seem attractive. In fact, the user rents his currency to a validator, who earns large sums on it and pays a minimal commission. You can’t make money without investment, and with crypto, you can make more profitable deals on your own without involving a third party. Fraudulent applications operate under the guise of farming and steaking, which can even steal the owner’s crypto irrevocably.
  2. Pseudomining. Viral applications that steal cryptocurrency or exchange it for worthless tokens that cannot be resold. The programs leak even into reliable Google and Apple services. Once downloaded, the gadget can simply be hacked by a hacker and steal the savings from the cryptocurrency wallet.
  3. Pyramid schemes. New users are lured by a promising new currency, which can earn good money by mining. In order to start profitable activities, it is offered to buy tokens for a certain amount of money. The program may even show a good profit, but once the user wants to withdraw it or sell the tokens, it will be impossible to do so. The promise of highly profitable fast mining from a smartphone is a clear sign of deception.
  4. Bitcoin games. Entertainment applications that only simulate mining Bitcoins and other coins. The programs are games, they do not generate income, but they are not harmful either. Like any games, they can offer paid upgrades and perks that are purchased with fiat or virtual money.


Phone mining is technically possible, but economically more like a lottery than a profitable activity. Smartphones make it possible to mine new virtual coins that require a minimum of power to create blocks. With the development of blockchain technology, it is impossible to predict exactly what currency will be in value in the future. Theoretically, mined obscure crypto could one day be at the peak of popularity.

People who want to make good money by mining, who don’t have time for entertainment, probably don’t need to splurge on crypto-mining from their smartphone. It is better to save up the necessary money to set up a farm, get a job at a crypto company.


How long does it take to mine one Bitcoin?

The block variant search speed at the beginning of 2022 was 196 Ehash per second. The speed of mining a coin depends on the power of the equipment. The demand and release of new equipment affects the updating of the mining algorithms, which occurs every 14 days. On average, it takes from 10 minutes to 30 days to mine 1 Bitcoin statistically worldwide. Figures are individual and relative. The probability of mining Bitcoin in 2022 alone is extremely low, which is why cryptors work in pools. The probability of earning Bitcoin using a phone is close to zero.

Is it possible to mine on a phone?

Yes, but the profit will be much less than when using video cards or professional equipment.

What cryptocurrencies can I mine?

You can mine new digital coins on your smartphone that do not require a lot of power to generate, as well as virtual coins based on the CryptoNight algorithm (Monero, Dosh, Dark Net Coin, Bite Coin and derivatives).

Can I mine cryptocurrency from my Android smartphone?

Yes. To do this, you need to install one of the applications for the Android operating system. Above in the article we give a list of the 5 most popular ones.

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