Decentralized Social Networks on Blockchain Today: Promising Projects on Internet Computer

Social Networks on the Internet Computer

Those of us who are familiar with the IC ecosystem, of course, have heard about such flagships as DSCVR, OpenChat, Distrikt. In our opinion, the whole direction of Social-Fi is the most perspective and only at the initial stage of formation. Look at the public companies, like Telegram or Facebook, and their desire to tokenize content. These guys are well aware of the trends, but their problem is that they want to bring it into an already-built system, and it’s obvious – they’ve been hit by the regulatory roller.

Internet Computer blockchain allows you to build such social networks from scratch, but with all the functionality that developers will want to implement. These will be tokenized social networks built on a decentralized blockchain structure. We aim to explain in plain language why you should observe, participate, test, and generally interact with these projects, so that you are not left out in a time when “everyone could”. In this article we will look at three projects and start with Relation.


The project has a whole list of merits. Lots of partnerships, Huobi incubator, support of different login methods (Metamask, Internet Identity, Polkadot.js, Binance Wallet, etc.), $20 mln in a single round from good funds, team of more than 15 professionals and full multichain structure focus.

Relation One extension allows you to have group chats, exchange private messages, use NFT avatars in different networks, create separate NFT clubs, as well as implement DAO features (your group can raise funds, participate in governance via voting, etc.)

If you install the Google Chrome extension, you get a web tracker function that follows your Google pages and allows you to share interesting information with your community in a couple of clicks.

A system of medals, launched recently, offers the possibility to evaluate the contribution of each active user of the platform and make a fair airdrop from this.

Relation website:


Without getting into complicated language, we have a chat application that incorporates the best of Telegram, Discord, Zoom, etc. Dapp is deployed on an IC blockchain, which allows you to combine smart contracts and web hosting features. We add NFT, tokens, wallets, and management functions to the familiar social network functionality. It is important to note that the platform is multichain and in the future it will use bridges to attract users of other protocols (Solana, Near, Cosmos and others).

Catalyze, has raised $10 million in venture capital in a closed round. The product is being deployed on an off-the-shelf product, the WeAct app, being developed by Oblivion Software’s professional development team.

Now it is possible to get the role of Early Adopter in Discord and qualify for the second wave of testing, the first wave includes OG, who managed to get into Discord on the “thrown” link in social networks.

Catalyze website:


And for starters, a project that we’ve been watching for a long time. It is being actively developed and improved without any fuss.

DSocial is a decentralized version of YouTube, it is resistant to censorship and has a simple and laconic interface for use. As everything is based on blockchain (bulk content base is stored on ARWeave, and all communication is done via Internet Computer) further tokenization is supposed to reward content authors and developers.

Currently only one person is working on the project, but with the full support of the Dfinity Foundation and personally Dominic Williams (CEO of Internet Computer). There is an optional verification system, which is essentially a donation to the author. The avatars and nicknames of the first 1000 people who pass it will be imprinted on the main page of the network and can count on bonuses and preferences in the future.

DSocial website:

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